Friday, December 13, 2013

Saint Francis Medals are Catholic

There aren’t many saints. In fact, it is probable that there are many sinners. It also seems as if many sinners try to discover religion. Sinners try to discover religion in order to change their bad behaviors and bad habits. It could be the case that once sinners find religion they can became saints. How many saints are there? How many saints do people know like the back of their hand? It seems as if football fans might know of the New Orleans Saints.

Jewelry Saint Francis Medal
This is because the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl last year. In addition, people might be aware of Saint Diego and Saint Francisco. This is because these two saints have cities in the United States names after them. The cities named after them are San Diego and San Francisco. Therefore, they might be labeled “famous” saints. However, it is probable that little is known about Saint Francis. The only thing that seems for sure is that Saint Francis medals are Catholic. Let’s discuss Saint Francis.

Saint Francis Medal

Saint Francis was a Catholic friar and preacher In addition, he founded many organizations. Saint Francis founded Franciscan Order, the Women’s order of Saint Claire, and the Lay Third of Saint Francis.  It might be interesting to know that Saint Francis is one of the most religious figures in Roman Catholic history. This fact about Saint Francis is probably the reason that Saint Francis medals are Catholic. Another interesting fact about Saint Francis is that he was born into a rich family. Francis was the son of a wealthy clothing merchant in Assisi. He also lived the high-spirited life of a wealthy young man, even fighting for Assisi. Did you know that while fighting in the war in 1204, Francis had a vision that leads him back to Assisi?

When Francis returned to Assisi, he lost his taste for his worldly life. Therefore, on a trip to Rome, he begged with the beggars at Saint Peter’s Cathedral. This trip to Rome leads him to live in poverty. It seems as if he spent his days preaching on the streets and singing. Saint Francis’ preaching and singing got him a bunch of followers. In fact, his order was endorsed by the pope in 1210. In addition, it has been claimed that he arranged for the first Christmas manger scene. Due to this information, it could have been the case that Saint Francis medals can be decorated with snowmen, crosses, snowflakes, and reindeer. These religious medals could be decorated with doves as well. Saint Francis also became saint of many things. Let’s discuss these things now.

Did you know that Saint Francis is the patron saint of four things? These four things are animals, the environment, Italy, merchants, and stowaways. Therefore, it seems as if Saint Francis would have loved the idea of going green today. It also seems as if he loved his country of origin and water as well. This information could have lead to Saint Francis medals being decorated with leaves and waves.