Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Designs Of Christian Crucifixes

The Christian crucifixes are a beautiful symbol of religion of Christianity. Most types of crucifixes have two crossed bars and depict Jesus form upon them. People stand or kneel at altars or in their homes in front of these amazing works of true art, saying their deepest prayers to our Lord for him to hear.

White Gold Hollow Crucifix

It is also believed that the crucifixes protect a person from evil spirits or beings which may wish harm to them. Many crucifixes are included in different Christian religious ceremonies as well.

Gold Mariners Crucifix

Some of the largest crucifixes stand as tall as 100-200 feet, climbing into the heavens for every parishioner to see, these are a true sign of the faithful followers.

White Gold Stick Style Crucifix

Today Christian crucifixes are the most popular forms of symbols in religion around the world. Using Christian crucifixes by faithful believers has been done for well over 1,500 years or more. These crucifixes are symbols of Christianity throughout the world. Crucifixes have Christ’s symbol depicted on them, whereas crosses do not have that depiction.

Most all Christian chapels or churches have a crucifix included within their altars and atop their steeples to show the neighborhood where their strength and faith lies within the Lord.

Two-tone Gold INRI Crucifix

Easter is a largely religious holiday where the Christian crucifixes have very special meaning. It’s not all about the Easter Bunny, chocolates and Easter egg hunts. Its true meaning lies within the commemoration of Jesus’ resurrection. This Easter celebration comes the Sunday first after the vernal equinox usually after March the 21st. It can be as late as the April month as well according to when the full moon hits. White beautiful lilies are used to decorate altars and homes around the Christian crucifixes as they are true resurrection symbols.

Gold INRI Crucifix

Christian crucifixes are crafted from fine woods, gold, silver, pewter and sometimes gemstones as well. Most wooden crucifixes are hand carved and have much devotion and love poured into each piece. The walnut versions are highly popular for use in the homes to display or hang from the wall. The grains of this wood just add to the extravagant beauty of these pieces and the pewter depiction of our Lord is immaculate. These come with a walnut base which you can use to display or remove for hanging within your home or office.

Tri-color Gold Mariners Crucifix

Pewter Christian crucifixes are lovely as additions to your home or congregations. Small versions are made into unique fine quality pendants or necklaces to show your faith and your love for Jesus to others. These all come with either an 16-20 inch sterling chain.

Watches today are also being crafted to include Christian crucifixes within their dial designs. These are great gifts for the men in your life, whether it is your father, husband or priest. The detailing and elegance of these watches are sure to be treasured and handed done as heirlooms in later years.

Large Gold Italian Crucifix

Christian crucifixes can be found in any Christian home or office, hanging on the wall within the dining room, family room or above the beds for protection. When crucifixes are added into the home or worn around the neck a priest is suppose to have blessed them and they should be respected highly within the home or congregation.

Two-tone Gold Hollow Crucifix

Christian crucifixes are signs of faith and hope especially when someone is down and sick or depressed with their lives at a particular moment. These symbols help them pray to the Lord and feel like they are never alone for they have him there with them, so even the darkest of their days seems brighter.